lc xsLanguage Changer is a system-plugin for Joomla 1.7 and 2.5 that presents alternative and simpler approach to multilingual websites based on joomla.

Joomla native language support is an elegant and quite effective solution for big, enterprise websites with redundant content (same articles with multiple translations ), but it doesn't offer anything really simple for websites, where different languages are used pararelly. ( for example this blog, where some of the contents are written in polish , and some in english ).

Pros nad Cons of Language Changer


  • No need for complicated setup
  • No need for language switcher
  • No need for multiple module and menu instances



  • Not suited for managing translations
  • Not for big multilingual websites
  • Causes cancer when smoked


How does it work? Setup and installation

First you need to setup languages in your Joomla Admin site, same as you would do with native multi-laguage support:

1. Install Joomla Language package for all languages


2. In Content Tab define all supported languages


3.Download , install and enable Language Changer.

From now on, each time you declare language in your article or menu parameters Language Changer will automatically set the front-end language to the one selected in parameters.

Example: Setting article language


NOTE: Language in article parameters has priority over language defined in menu.

I recommend enabling native system plugin: Language Code, so that language change include XHTML/XML lang declaration - important for SEO.

I do not recommend combining this plugin with Joomla native Language filter. It may cause problems ( make sure to switch one off )


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